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Nothing since May?………

As the title would suggest there’s been no action here since May!………:(

That’s not to say that the camera hasn’t seen some action though!……:)   I’m just thinking it’s time for a catch up, Due to this being “What Andy Sees” there will be few words and many pictures!……;)

I’ve been trying to improve my ‘in flight’ shots of late with a view to one day actually capturing a Dragonfly in flight, however it has achieved nothing other than capturing some decent bee shots…….

(Bet you never realised Bees cross their legs when they fly?….. I just cross my fingers!….)

Then in June we went on holiday, Skiathos again I’m afraid, so those of you who have been here before may wish to look away for the next few pics!….:)

The day we arrived we decided to take a trip around to the west & north of the island just to chill after the journey, we were a little surprised to have Mandraki to ourselves for the evening!…..

The following are a taste of some of the views available……..
Ag Alexandros

Ligaries Beach

Kehria Beach

Kehria Taverna

Kehria Sunset


Evangelistria Monestry

Sailing from Skiathos New Port

Back on the flying theme, Swallows and Swifts were regularly flying over our accommodation feeding and dipping the pool…….

Upon our return to normality (work etc.) we noticed that the “Flying Legends” air show was on and not having made the effort for a few years we decided to go and enjoy one of the best air shows of the year!……

Good job we did too!….. this was to be the last show from Stephen Grey of The Fighter Collection, a legend himself, he once again displayed the Bearcat with his customary style and vigour!….. just think he’s 75 this year!…..;)

How many shows can claim to have 12 Spitfires on display?…….:)

…and three P51 mustangs?………

..and a Corsair?…….

…and an Avenger!………

that’ll do, the hair is standing up on the back of my neck just looking through those again!…..LOL

However the following weekend was to be The RIAT Show at Fairford, I’d never been and Chrissy hadn’t been for years, the weather promised to be good, so there was no excuse!…….

The Red Arrows of course, but this was different, flying in formation with BA’s new Dreamliner……

Then the Dreamliner backed out of the rest of the display!………..

And Eurofighter Typhoon………

And F16……..

The following weekend was time for the Shrewsbury Flower Show, noted for it’s impressive Firework Display at the end of both days….. they didn’t disappoint!……;)

That just about wraps it up, we’re now bang up to date with these Heron shots from Venus Pool last week, I’ve done a couple of weeks of night shifts due to there being loads of shut down repairs to be finished, so I did have the opportunity to have a an hour or so during the days………..;)

He leaps into the air and grabs great wings full of lift, note the amount of water also in the air!….

The next beat….

…….and the next, there’s still drops of water airborne!…..

Landing………. that looks like hard work!…..;)

Have a good week…… Health & Happiness to anyone who’s managed to get this far!…………..:)


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Cosford Air Show

We’ve had some really rubbish weather of late, quite nice in the week, (while I was at work) then total crap at the weekend or even in the evening!……

Cosford Air Show is one that is local to us and one that we thoroughly enjoy, assuming the weather holds…… We’ve been watching all the forecasts now for over a week and every one has said that it’s going to rain again on Sunday!!!!…….

Chrissy decided last night that we were going to go anyway rain or no rain!….. well it rained and then rained some more, but as is often the case we met people that we hadn’t seen for a while now and had a real laugh!… had a cracking day and although the flying displays were thrown into complete disarray, we did manage to take one or two pics of some heavy metal!……. Our sympathy has to go to the organisers of the event who try very hard to put ona good show and are then thrown a curveball by the weather!……:(

Anyway this blog is what I see, so here is what I saw today!…….:)

Hawk, Jet trainer, good display, crap light!…..:)

Tornado GR 4, cracking display despite not being able to climb above 500 feet!….. really did throw it around at low-level and high-speed (BIG noise too!….)

Have a good week………….


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Duxford – Battle of Britain Air Show

Chrissy and I have both been fans of Duxford Air Shows for some time now and just love “Flying Legends” however a mate of mine who I haven’t seen for a number of years said that he was going to the “Battle of Britain” show meant that we really shouldn’t miss this one!…. Duxford is about half way between us and he doesn’t want to drive 250mls to see me and I can’t be arsed so this seemed like an ideal opportunity to catch up!……..

The real bonus is the chance to take photo’s of aircraft that were involved in the some of the most famous air battles in history. This show however also included some of the most up to date air force machinery available, here are just a few of the pictures I took on Saturday…………….

The RAF Red Arrows started the show as representing the current RAF Aircrew, wonderful display as ever despite the fact that Red2 went unserviceable that morning and they displayed as an 8 when they normally fly as a 9 ship flight.

The Bearcat!…. Truly awesome machine, with 2300hp on tap it has phenomenal rate of climb and as such displays well, not truly a WW2 aircraft as it was delivered a little late, however a welcome sight on the show scene!…..:)

Harvards…… Considered to be the best trainer for conversion to warbird flying, some would consider boring in an air show environment however it’s in the flying that the show is made and this pics shows some of the best flying so well worth the pic!…..:)

P51 Mustang……. My favourite all time Warbird, Not only does it look good in the air, it sounds good and has that certain character that just grabs at your soul……..

As a model aircraft flyer I’ve flown several P51 models and currently fly a 72″ YT model with a Laser 150 engine, If the real thing flies as smooth no wonder they fight to fly the real thing!……:)

Lockheed Martin F-16………..

There’s little to say about this Mach2 machine that can’t been seen in these two pics, quick for sure, but maneuverable as well….. sweet (AND LOUD)……:)

Eurofighter Typhoon……

Latest generation multi role aircraft capable of super cruise, however, at an airshow it comes alive…. please don’t miss an opportunty to see this aircraft do what it does best!……:))


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Skywatch Friday

Lacking some sky subject matter this year, so am resorting to checking out some of last years days out…… These are from the Air Show at Cosford, June 2009 showing the RAF Red Arrows doing what they do!…….

I liked this one, “Out of the Smoke”!…. sets the scene!……

“The Bomb Burst”…..

and “The Arrow Through The Heart”…..

For many more Skywatch pics from around the world click here…..


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