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Hope the wait was worth it?….;)

It’s been another of those months, all work and very little play, very little decent weather too which has really slowed down the rate of shutter actuations!…….:(

The new camera appears to be working a treat however and with a few thousand shots taken I think I have a handle on it too!…….

Chrissy wanted to take a trip out to Haughmond hill over the weekend and It really is a good spot for bluebells, we did find some good scenes but with Flicker slowing down again I just haven’t had time to waste waiting for the larger files to load!….:(  Here then we have the first of my butterfly pics this year (also from Haughmond)

Green Veined White

Orange Tip

……..after leaving Haughmond we popped into Attingham Park to catch up due to not visiting for quite a while now….. saw this scene on the River and couldn’t resist a shot or two!……

……….an old frame this from Cannock Chase, a Yellow Hammer…. wow has it been that long since I posted in here?….:(

………….and Goodnight from me!………………:-)


Have a great weekend, if you’re in the UK have a great Bank Holiday!………….


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Atcham & Attingham Park

This post has been a long time coming, our weather has been wet enough to keep me glued to the computer and go out only to work, the camera was getting lonely!…….

Being in need of some shutter action we went to Atcham on saturday, where the River Severn crosses the road, there has been so much rain lately the river was quite high and very dark and moody!………

Attingham Park is only a stones throw away and both of us are National Trust members, it would have been rude not to visit their garden and check out the Bluebells…..;)

& other “Smiley” flowers!…..:)

In the courtyard the Goldfinches were busy too…..

…..and the Blue Tits were having lunch!……….

Even the Orange Tips seemed to be out enjoying our first sight of the sun for a week or more!………

most of our butterflies are much later this year, we don’t normally know which way to point the camera in early May, but it is still very quiet out there….:(

Have a good week!………:-)


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Attingham Park – Snowdrops

With Spring all but upon us, a trip to Attingham Park was in order to check out the Snowdrops, even we were amazed at how far they are advanced for this time of year!….. in a week or so they’ll look great!……:)

Have a Happy Week everyone!……:)

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Playing Catch Up

As this blog is called “Whatandysees” I thought it was about time we played catchup with what’s been “seen” since we came back from Skiathos!…………:)

Water Lilly at Severn Valley Country Park

Tree Creeper at Severn Valley Country Park

Baby Wren at Severn Valley Country Park, little fella was just sitting on the path waiting for his Mom!…..:)

Brown Hawker?…. at Dudmaston Woods…..

Common Blue Damselfly at Dudmaston Woods……..

Great Spotted Woodpecker on Wenlock Edge, didn’t like the noise of the shutter, but wasn’t quite quick enough to get out of the frame!…..:)

….he soon came back though, all those nuts can’t be ignored!…..:))

Damselflies at Attingham Park, “‘Aint love grand”……:)

Rose at Attingham Park, (Chrissy spotted this one!…)

OK then, that’s me up to date, just need some inspiration to go take more pics now!…..:)


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Snow Drops @ Attingham Park

With the weather continuing to improve, (although they reckon snow again next week) the signs of spring are here, Snow Drops are up and the National Trust are advertising snow drop walks at their properties……

We prefer to wander around on our own to be honest, never really feeling comfortable in a crowd, then again we also like to scramble on the floor to get the best angle/light too so I guess It’s as well that we do keep to ourselves!………:)

This year appears to be showing snow drops better than last year at this time too, I can recall difficulties getting shots of open flowers at this time so maybe signs of a better year too!………

Not to be left out of the spring theme. the Crocus are out and about too!……. Much to the delight of the local bee population!….. A wonderful opportunity to capture a little wildlife at the same time!…..:)

For more pics of the day see Chrissy’s blog Here………..

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Continuing the Autumn Theme

In an effort to make the most of the Autumn colours knowing that they wont be around for long, Chrissy and I visited Attingham Park today…….

Although this first one is just outside Much Wenlock on the way!……..

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Teddy Bears & Damselflies?……

This weekend saw us on the hunt for photographs of Dragon/Damselflies……. After a false start in Ironbridge (Merrythought open day)….

Chrissy actually only bought two, which I thought was showing a measure of restraint!….:)

We then decided that Attingham Park would be worth a visit if only for the array of wildlife it attracts…….
After sitting by the river for a while I thought that stills with my shorter lens were not going to match Chrissy’s shots so flying pics were my aim, good practice for manual focus too, these boys are fast!….
Just a couple of shots worth posting out of about fifty taken, but I was chuffed to get this one with the reflection in the water too!….:)

This is probably my best still shot.

But if you want to se real good close up’s try these at Chrissy’s

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