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Falconry at Berrington Hall

To continue on the Berrington Hall theme, we re-visited today due to there being the Spring Fair. As a part of this fair the well renowned Tenbury falconer Trevor Hall was displaying some of his incredible range of birds of prey.

Chrissy and I have seen a few falconers display before, but this was something new to us, the variety, humour and level of education available during his display was impressive, check out the shots below……..:)


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Not much sky in this post, but what’s there is cute!……:)

The post below refers to a trip to Berrington Hall and this was taken there too, I thought it would do for a Skywatch post…..

For many more Skywatch pics from around the world click here……..


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Berrington Hall

Sunday (9/5) was a better day, the light was much improved and Chrissy & I were looking to take some Blue Bell pictures!….. It was not to be as it happens although we saw a few, there were not many in our chosen location of Berrington Hall, we’ve been here before and we like Berrington (the Coffee & Walnut cake is to die for!) but there were scenes worth pointing the camera at as follows!……… most of these benefit from a click to see full size…………..

This was actually on the way, a shot of a rape field with the Wrekin in the background, in HDR

A simple fountain in the formal garden……..
(this one is worth two clicks, with a slow shutter there is a fair amount of movement in the water!)

A black & white image of the side of the house with the MG owners club in attendance…….

The few Blue Bells we did capture!……….

Formal garden looking towards the gate house………….


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