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A Walk in the Country?…..

Being stuck in all week at work, we do try to get out and about a bit over the weekend…….

A couple of hours walking, camera over the shoulder, can often clear my mind of the weeks clutter, the bonus being returning with new pics…..

This is a new view for us, barely 3 miles from our front door, there is the iconic Clee hill on the right horizon, and the blot of Bridgnorth Aluminium on the left horizon….

On the way back we stopped in a layby because Chrissy had once again spotted a buzzard in the field, too far away for that elusive good shot, but it’ll happen one day!…..:))


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Benthall Hall

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting more Snowdrops but today we popped out to Benthall Hall which is only a few miles away from where we live, the idea was that there is an impressive display of Crocuses (Croci?)during early spring, Well I can tell you that there is also an impressive display of our friend the snowdrop too!…….:)

There were of course Croci too, but we weren’t the only ones enjoying their appearance!……

This feller is busy distributing pollen!…..:)

Couldn’t resist the shadow shot!…..;0

And as a bonus on the way home we spotted a buzzard out for a walk in the stubble field, obviously not warm enough for any rising air today!……:(

Happy Weekend everybody………………..


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