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Hope the wait was worth it?….;)

It’s been another of those months, all work and very little play, very little decent weather too which has really slowed down the rate of shutter actuations!…….:(

The new camera appears to be working a treat however and with a few thousand shots taken I think I have a handle on it too!…….

Chrissy wanted to take a trip out to Haughmond hill over the weekend and It really is a good spot for bluebells, we did find some good scenes but with Flicker slowing down again I just haven’t had time to waste waiting for the larger files to load!….:(  Here then we have the first of my butterfly pics this year (also from Haughmond)

Green Veined White

Orange Tip

……..after leaving Haughmond we popped into Attingham Park to catch up due to not visiting for quite a while now….. saw this scene on the River and couldn’t resist a shot or two!……

……….an old frame this from Cannock Chase, a Yellow Hammer…. wow has it been that long since I posted in here?….:(

………….and Goodnight from me!………………:-)


Have a great weekend, if you’re in the UK have a great Bank Holiday!………….


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Cannock Chase Bird Watching

We’ve been here before, but it’s generally worth the trip due to the number of birds that congregate for a feed!…….

The Blue Tits are always posers, lovely colours and in good condition too!…..

blue tit

Blue Tit 2

Blue Tit 3

The Nuthatches were busy too and for some reason I always struggled to capture a decent shot, either my technique is improving or they’re slowing down!……;)

Nuthatch 1

Nuthatch 2

Nuthatch 3

Something different for us this visit too, Fieldfares flew into a couple of trees near us and the cameras were swung around!……;)

Fieldfare 1

Fieldfare 2

…..and aerobics too?……:)

Fieldfare 3

Closely following the Fieldfare was a flock of Waxwings!…… Neither of us had seen Waxwings before and the sight was a real bonus!…….

Waxwing 1

Waxwing 2

Waxwing 3

We don’t often venture too far from home at this time of year and a round trip of 90 something miles when there’s every chance of snow has to be considered, this day was well worth the effort!…………

Thanks for looking in, have a good week!……………….;)


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Cannock Chase

As mentioned before we spend a little time over at Cannock Chase taking pics of our feathered friends and this week saw a chance to check out that new lens on subjects just a bit closer…… What a piece of glass!…..:))

Happy New Year everybody…………:)

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Cannock Chase Birds

Due to the weather being kind to us on sunday we decided to drive over to Cannock Chase again just to give the cameras a work out!…… there’s a little car park where locals (and some togs) feed the local bird population, the result is most of the birds in the area are quite comfortable and will settle close to the camera!…… here is the result of a couple of hours!…..:)

Happy Monday everybodies!…….:)


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Cannock Chase

We had to visit friends yesterday who are near to one of our favourite wildlife spotting areas..

Cannock Chase is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, but at the “Freda’s Grave” car park a lot of locals over the years have fed the local bird population. The result is that a great many common (& not so common) birds will feed quite close to people (& cameras)!…..:)

Not quite wildlife, but I couldn’t resisit this one as the light was failing, the “golden hour” shot of the day!…..:)


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Cannock Chase

Due to Chrissy having to deliver a piece of art today we decided that the delivery was near enough to Cannock Chase for us to visit and try to capture some of our feathered friends!….:)

The weather wasn’t really in our favour and it rained just about as soon as we parked, but as the rain eased we took a walk and soon came upon a Redstart!…. not having seen one before we were both chuffed and spent quite a while waiting to see just how close he’d come……..

Then back to our favourite spot to catch up on the locals….

The Chaffinch

and the Robin

…….. and because it’s a bank holiday here in the UK we still have two days off!……….


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Autumn Has Arrived

It’s about that time of year that the colours start to change and with the weather holding (cold but really bright) we though it’d make a good change to visit Cannock Chase,we haven’t been there this year which is a little sad ’cause it’s worth a visit any time to be honest………..

on the way we spotted an opportunity to capture some canal pictures……….

on the Chase we stopped at the old quarry car park, just in case there were Deer about nearby, we weren’t disappointed……

The sunlight through the trees was picture too!………

Mushrooms dotted about everywhere!…..

A short drive to our favourite car park to sit for an hour or so watching a variety of birds popping in for a feed!…..:)

………And on the way home a a slice of chocolate fudge cake and a coffee!… another perfect day!!!


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