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Croft Castle & Snow Drops!

It was the first weekend that Croft Castle is open this year and we decided not to waste the sun (although cold) and we took a trip to Leominster..

Not exactly a castle but imposing non the less……

St Michael’s & All Angels Church at Croft……..

In front of the Castle is a fair sized pool, with the sun as it was today the only way I could capture it was to try an HDR shot, three frames just about caught the colours……

Those who have been here before will probably know that we have been hunting Snow Drops this year and had problems finding decent blooms in a decent location, at last we have been blessed with an opportunity to capture these little gems at their best!…..:-)

If you want more snow drop pics we have some from this year too!…. Click here….

A Crocus or two has appeared!… about time!….

Dotted around the grounds are also one or two “works of art”, I have to say that a pink tree doesn’t really do it for me, but I have to say it certainly stood out from the others!….:)


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I’ll get the hang of this blog lark soon?… maybe?…….

Anyway, after a walk around the Castle we noted the market was in full swing, Chrissy likes a good market!….

Chrissy at the market

Then of course, a town with this much history will have some interesting architecture………

As Wallace would say…. “A grand day out!”…….

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After a week at work some relaxation with the camera was required, Chrissy suggested a day out in Ludlow, this wasn’t high on my “things to do” list, but as it turned out we had a good day… and sure did have a laugh or two!..:)

The Castle although well worn now is interesting and the light was really in our favour…..

Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

This one is an HDR shot in a effort to capture the true contrast!…..


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