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It’s Autumn again!……….

It Is deffinately autumn again!…….. we decided today to take a walk down at Dudmaston Woods, We’d been watching the colour of the trees changing for a week or two, but now is the time to take those pics of wonderful colours!…. I have to admit that I am not a fan of autumn, but this is only because it it is the onset of winter!…..:)


Swan @ Dudmaston

The Pool @ Dudmaston



I have to admit now that this is somewhat a test!…… all these images have been linked to my new account at Flicker in an effort to be able to maintain this blog without paying a fortune to upload decent image files, if it works out then I’ll be around a while longer!…….:)

Have yourselves a good weekend, and I guess “HAPPY HALOWEEN”……..:0

P.S. I’ve taken a peek at the preview and I reckon the only difference is that you can’t click to see the full size image, with this page getting about 4 clicks a week I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem!…….LOL


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Witley Court in Autumn

Due to the fact that this just could be the last chance we get this year to capture that wonderful autumn colour, we wanted to make the most of the good weather today!…….. Chrissy came up with the idea of a day out at Witley Court. We’ve been here before and the fountain now restored is a joy to behold!….. Imagine our disappointment when we discovered that LAST week was the last running of the fountain this year!…….:(

Never mind!….. we had a great walk around and did manage to capture some of that awesome colour!…… 🙂

Back to work tomorrow, if that’s for you too then take care and take it easy!……;)

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Skywatch series 5 week 16

Ok, so the wind dropped, the rain stopped and the sun came out to play too, on top of that Chrissy wanted to visit Arley Arboretum……….

Perfect conditions to check out some autumn scenery!……………:)

For brilliant Sky pics from around the world please click here………..


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A walk in the woods

We could call it autumn I suppose, but then it was a dull and dismal day, we decided that we had to get out and take a walk….. where to go?…… what to see?….. we need input, we need camera targets and at this time of year it’s not good!….. dark skies, no blue….:(

So not wanting to drive too far and the mist lifting, Dudmaston woods sounded about right…. take a walk with us…….

About now if you’re like us you’ll need a cup of hot chocolate!…..:)

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Shropshire Autumn – Fall

We are into November now and due to the arrival of much stormy weather we thought last week that it was probably our last opportunity to capture some of our autumn scenery.
We didn’t have to go far however, Dudmaston Hall is only a couple of miles away and Severn Valley Country Park is about 8 miles……………

This first one is looking out onto Dudmaston (small) Pool….

………..and all of these are at Severn Valley Country Park..

Ps. I’ve looked at these in the preview and have to say they don’t look too good until you click ’em up to full screen?……..:)


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