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Nothing since May?………

As the title would suggest there’s been no action here since May!………:(

That’s not to say that the camera hasn’t seen some action though!……:)   I’m just thinking it’s time for a catch up, Due to this being “What Andy Sees” there will be few words and many pictures!……;)

I’ve been trying to improve my ‘in flight’ shots of late with a view to one day actually capturing a Dragonfly in flight, however it has achieved nothing other than capturing some decent bee shots…….

(Bet you never realised Bees cross their legs when they fly?….. I just cross my fingers!….)

Then in June we went on holiday, Skiathos again I’m afraid, so those of you who have been here before may wish to look away for the next few pics!….:)

The day we arrived we decided to take a trip around to the west & north of the island just to chill after the journey, we were a little surprised to have Mandraki to ourselves for the evening!…..

The following are a taste of some of the views available……..
Ag Alexandros

Ligaries Beach

Kehria Beach

Kehria Taverna

Kehria Sunset


Evangelistria Monestry

Sailing from Skiathos New Port

Back on the flying theme, Swallows and Swifts were regularly flying over our accommodation feeding and dipping the pool…….

Upon our return to normality (work etc.) we noticed that the “Flying Legends” air show was on and not having made the effort for a few years we decided to go and enjoy one of the best air shows of the year!……

Good job we did too!….. this was to be the last show from Stephen Grey of The Fighter Collection, a legend himself, he once again displayed the Bearcat with his customary style and vigour!….. just think he’s 75 this year!…..;)

How many shows can claim to have 12 Spitfires on display?…….:)

…and three P51 mustangs?………

..and a Corsair?…….

…and an Avenger!………

that’ll do, the hair is standing up on the back of my neck just looking through those again!…..LOL

However the following weekend was to be The RIAT Show at Fairford, I’d never been and Chrissy hadn’t been for years, the weather promised to be good, so there was no excuse!…….

The Red Arrows of course, but this was different, flying in formation with BA’s new Dreamliner……

Then the Dreamliner backed out of the rest of the display!………..

And Eurofighter Typhoon………

And F16……..

The following weekend was time for the Shrewsbury Flower Show, noted for it’s impressive Firework Display at the end of both days….. they didn’t disappoint!……;)

That just about wraps it up, we’re now bang up to date with these Heron shots from Venus Pool last week, I’ve done a couple of weeks of night shifts due to there being loads of shut down repairs to be finished, so I did have the opportunity to have a an hour or so during the days………..;)

He leaps into the air and grabs great wings full of lift, note the amount of water also in the air!….

The next beat….

…….and the next, there’s still drops of water airborne!…..

Landing………. that looks like hard work!…..;)

Have a good week…… Health & Happiness to anyone who’s managed to get this far!…………..:)


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Bridgnorth Rugby Club Fireworks

Last night saw the fireworks at Bridgnorth Rugby Club which has become an annual ‘not to be missed’ event!….. The weather held out as well after raining late in the day we really did think we were going to be washed out of another photo opportunity!……:)

A new band this year….. Midset Buka!…… playing cool covers for a few hours, can’t be easy playing strings in those temperatures!…….LOL

Midset Buka

Midset Buka

Midset Buka

Midset Buka

There were hundreds of people early this year, maybe they remembered the parking fiasco from previous years?……..;)


………and a team stoking the fires!………


Then the main event…. it didn’t disappoint, in fact it was that good it was harder this year to seperate and photograph them!………








That just leaves time for me to say thank you to Chrissy for her company yet again this weekend and wish everybody a good week ahead!……..;)


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Bridgnorth Rugby Club Fireworks

November 5th we were invited to Bridgnorth Rugby Club by Bridgnorth Aluminium who sponsor the evening……. Again they put on a superb display, supported by a band, hog roast, burger bar, BAR! and side stalls…………

Some of the impressive display………………

Many thanks to Bridgnorth Aluminium and the Rugby Club!…..:)

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Ironbridge Festival

This weekend Ironbridge has held its annual festival, this year celebrating 25yrs as a “World Heritage Site”

We have only recently arrived back from holiday and completely forgot that this event was to be staged. Fortunately one of Chrissy’s “facetube” friends reminded her and we had time to re-charge our camera batteries!…..:)

Once again the organisers have done a wonderful job of displaying and promoting the area at it’s best!…….:)

For anyone interested in further information, please follow “Ironbridge Gorge”


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Donnington Bonfire & Fireworks

Following the theme of firework pictures, Chrissy & I decided to visit Donnington on Saturday evening for more practice at taking firework pictures.
There was the added attraction of the Fun Fair though and we spent a while watching the thrill seekers too!….

At just after 7 o’clock the biggest pile of pallets I’ve ever seen was lit….. Impressive bonfire!…..

…..and some time later the fireworks started……. unfortunately it had also started raining too and ever mindful that cameras don’t like water we were a little limited in the angles that we could use!….:(

A huge “well done & thanks” to the organisers, a very well sorted and safe display!….:)

PS. Chrissy has posted some pics of this venue on her blog too, please click here…….


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Skywatch Friday

I was torn between two images this week, so took the easy way out and posted both!…..:)

The first is topical due to us being able to take some firework shots last week, really good experience that turned out to be!.:)

………and the second is a soft image of a sunset on the Dorset coast we visited a few weeks back….. Just can’t resist a sunset!…..

Have a good weekend everybody………..

For other Skywatch pics from around the world please click here………


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Bonfire Night

We were invited to a firework display on Saturday night at Severn Park in Bridgnorth, Arranged by Bridgnorth Rugby Club & Bridgnorth Aluminium.

Right said Chrissy a chance to try to capture some firework photographs!…….
Neither of us had tried fireworks before and it was with some doubt that we set up our tripods and with wine in one hand and the camera in the other we snapped away checking out the scene trying to suss out how to take pics in less than ideal light (pitch black mostly)….. The first few as you can imagine weren’t ideal, but with more wine and more practice it started to come together!…..:)

This first one was looking back from where we were at the band on a 40′ trailer, with St Leonard’s church lit up in the background…. Also shows the TWO bars (Rugby Club remember!) the Hog Roast and various other interests……

This one was looking forward towards where we hoped to capture the action later, the fires provided by 40′ gallon drums regularly topped up with wood!…….

Someone was lighting and launching chinese lanterns too, not that we were able to capture these well for some reason?…..:(

It was about this time that we were accosted by several young girls wanting their pictures taken, I guess they thought we were press and wanting their pics in the paper, but we told them we were only taking pics for our blogs, didn’t seem to faze them any so the pics are on Chrissy’s blog if you’d like to see……
(it’s been a long time since i’ve been accosted by young ladies too!…. happy memories!….:))

Then the show started….. didn’t have a great deal of time to get sorted we just snapped away on manual just hoping to get a decent frame or two?……. turned out it isn’t that hard as long as you know roughly where in the sky they are likely to explode!……

All in all a very enjoyable experience, success that we didn’t expect and all due to the hospitality of Bridgnorth Rugby Club & Bridgnorth Aluminium!…. thanks to all involved in the organisation!…..:)

(P.S. the firework shots are worth a click to see full size……)


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