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Atcham & Attingham Park

This post has been a long time coming, our weather has been wet enough to keep me glued to the computer and go out only to work, the camera was getting lonely!…….

Being in need of some shutter action we went to Atcham on saturday, where the River Severn crosses the road, there has been so much rain lately the river was quite high and very dark and moody!………

Attingham Park is only a stones throw away and both of us are National Trust members, it would have been rude not to visit their garden and check out the Bluebells…..;)

& other “Smiley” flowers!…..:)

In the courtyard the Goldfinches were busy too…..

…..and the Blue Tits were having lunch!……….

Even the Orange Tips seemed to be out enjoying our first sight of the sun for a week or more!………

most of our butterflies are much later this year, we don’t normally know which way to point the camera in early May, but it is still very quiet out there….:(

Have a good week!………:-)


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Benthall Hall

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting more Snowdrops but today we popped out to Benthall Hall which is only a few miles away from where we live, the idea was that there is an impressive display of Crocuses (Croci?)during early spring, Well I can tell you that there is also an impressive display of our friend the snowdrop too!…….:)

There were of course Croci too, but we weren’t the only ones enjoying their appearance!……

This feller is busy distributing pollen!…..:)

Couldn’t resist the shadow shot!…..;0

And as a bonus on the way home we spotted a buzzard out for a walk in the stubble field, obviously not warm enough for any rising air today!……:(

Happy Weekend everybody………………..


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Garden Birds

Weather wasn’t too good today so found myself peering through the viewfinder pointed at the garden, not very inspiring but with a new lens to be checked out well worth the effort, anyway here is the result!…..:)

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Garden Insects

Chrissy has spent many a happy hour in our garden trying to encourage wildlife in general, birds, butterflies and insects alike. On Sunday I noticed a Bee Fly hovering around, I thought “why not?… this has to be good practice with the camera!”….. little did I realise what nutters these little critters are!…. If ever you want some practice at fast manual focus try these for size!…..:))

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More Birds in the garden

We really have been stuck at home recently, but this has meant that the camera has been pointed out of the back doors trying to capture the perfect garden bird shot, I guess there’s no such thing as the perfect shot, but here are a few of our efforts!…..

The Blue Tit, he’s a regular visitor now, but refuses to stay still for more than a nano-second, makes it difficult to get good sharp pics!…

And a Bullfinch pair, these are quite funny, we see them settle in the tree next door, which would be a good shot but it’s a little far away from where we set up, this is Mr Bullfinch

Then they often take it in turns to get on the feeder, or simply settle on different feeders, this is Mrs Bullfinch and there’s no doubt she’s the boss, when she flies off Mr goes too!…..

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