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Holiday Time

Ok, I know you’ve seen Skiathos here before but this is my blog and having visited yet again it’s time to celebrate two wonderful weeks with Chrissy sharing that great Greek hospitality!…….

A new beach for us this year, Elias, super sand, shallow waters & great food at the taverna…..

Alexandros, again something new for us, we haven’t been here before, different architecture but very striking and what a position!……:)

Vromollimnos, very nice beach when it’s quiet but does tend to get too busy for us!…..;)

A view across the Old Port in the evening, great area for people watching!…..

Just another view across Asselinos bay towards mainland Greece and “Pelion”….. (How Blue?….)

I really regret not taking some video of these gentle waves ‘wafting’ on to the beach!… I could sit there for days!……LOL

Another favourite taverna, Kastro beach, the sun is hot & the Mythos is cold, but don’t take too many pictures, we don’t want warm beer!…..;)

an “overview” of most of the west coast with the mainland way off in the mist……

…and our all time favourite, for the scenery, wildlife, characters, food and just peace here we have Keriha!……..

It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!…..:)

TBC……………. 😉


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Skywatch Friday

Yet more Skiathos scenery I’m afraid, so those who are sick of this holiday please bear with me!………:)

These were taken from Ag. Eleni looking over to Greece mainland shortly after 9 o’clock at night and shortly before a Gin & Tonic if I remember correctly!…..:)

To check out awesome skies please click here…….


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