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It’s Autumn again!……….

It Is deffinately autumn again!…….. we decided today to take a walk down at Dudmaston Woods, We’d been watching the colour of the trees changing for a week or two, but now is the time to take those pics of wonderful colours!…. I have to admit that I am not a fan of autumn, but this is only because it it is the onset of winter!…..:)


Swan @ Dudmaston

The Pool @ Dudmaston



I have to admit now that this is somewhat a test!…… all these images have been linked to my new account at Flicker in an effort to be able to maintain this blog without paying a fortune to upload decent image files, if it works out then I’ll be around a while longer!…….:)

Have yourselves a good weekend, and I guess “HAPPY HALOWEEN”……..:0

P.S. I’ve taken a peek at the preview and I reckon the only difference is that you can’t click to see the full size image, with this page getting about 4 clicks a week I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem!…….LOL


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Tourists in our own county

We often travel miles out and about taking photographs, but then sometimes also decide to become tourists at home due to the fact that we live in a very picturesque part of our country…….

The Shropshire Hills is an area of outstanding natural beauty and I hope the following pics will reflect and justify that title!…………:)

From the top of the “Burway” looking back east towards the west midlands, that far horizon must be 30 miles away!…..

Then looking West towards Wales

A day out with Chrissy will often involve visiting a pub somewhere, and this day was no different, although the pub, the “Horsehshoes” at Ratlinghope (pronounced “Ratchup” if you’re local) has been there for a while now as it’s a genuine 16th Century ale procurement establishment!…. and if the garden looks like this on a September day that can’t be bad!…….:)

Chrissy resting those weary feet as we did have to walk all the way from the car park!………..;)

Mmmmmm!….. refreshing indeed!…… might be able to make it back to the car park after that!……LOL

Further over the hill is the Midland Gliding Club and it’s always worth stopping to watch the antics of the local pilots…..

The passenger here seems intent on taking his own snaps, or maybe a video of the landing!…………:)

All in all a very pleasant day out in Shropshire, another memory to maintain during these dismal rainy days that we are experiencing once more!…..

Have a great week!………………;)


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Simple Pleasure 2…………

And because I’d hate to end the week on a negative note………..

More simple pleasure!…………

Severn Valley Country Park (at happier & cheaper times)…….

And our own kitchen, now that the Lilly has deemed us worthy of its splendour……

Have a Happy Friday night and a good weekend too!….. (don’t forget the lottery ticket!…..)


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Skywatch Friday Series 5 Week 13

Well and truly back home from holiday, but pleased to find last week we were subject to a heat wave!…….. very nice for early morning sun pics just peaking over the horizon and filtering through that low (very low) cloud!….. I love these shots but rarely have the chance to catch them on my way to work… These were taken over a period of 45 minutes and about 25 miles!…..:)

For brilliant SKy pics from around the world please click here…………..


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Attingham Park Deer

Whilst visiting Attingham Park yesterday, primarily looking for Snow Drops, we walked up to the deer park, we arrived just in time to catch sight of the deer having just been fed, apparently they are fed daily at this time of year and as you can see, aren’t to bothered by visitors!………

The park supports between 200 and 300 fallow deer and this is without a doubt the best time to get “up close”……

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Kinver Edge

Friday saw the arrival of a new lens, Sigma 10-20 F4-5.6 EX DC. This I guess was the reason for picking Kinver as a destination on Saturday.

Kinver Edge is a high sandstone escarpment covered in heathland and trees, giving all round views over several counties…. Ideal for checking out that wide angle lens!……

Below are a few from the day, I reckon the lens was a good move!…:)

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