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Skiathos (even more)

As anyone who has visited here before will know we like Skiathos !…. my previous post even indicated that we enjoy spending time at Kechria too! But we have fantastic times just getting there…

Part of the route although dirt tracks is quite smooth……

But then speed is not our aim, there are so many different views to enjoy on the way!…………

We stop here every time, it’s quite odd that this scene has such a hold?… there’s so much here, the colours in the water, the different tree lines, rugged coast and the mainland in the distance, even Chrissy feels the need to become a landscape tog!….:)

Just a little further there is another turn around the headland and another series of views, this is the first view of Kechria, another picture we can’t ignore not just because there is a bench here upon which to rest after that hard drive!…..:) the larger beach is Ligaries and the next one around the coastline is Kechria behind which you can see the valley that contains what we know as “The Magical Forest”……….

At the bottom of this hill is another stream that we always park by and have spent hours just ambling along…

capturing moments that we haven’t experienced anywhere else, Damselflies mating?…

But Kechria is calling and that cold Mythos is very tempting, so it’s time to visit Argiris again!…..

No doubt once that thirst is slaked we will be off hiking up that valley in search of more of the local wildlife!…….

Mmmm….. doesn’t look THAT wild does he?………:)

Then a little further up is this little fella that is surely saying “what are you looking at”!………..

That’s not to say that you have to travel miles to spot wildlife in Skiathos, in fact when we arrived back at the apartment this spuggy was there to greet us sitting on the roof catching some sun himself!………

Which reminds me, dragonflies do like to perch somewhere sunny, but at Eleni they do seem to like to be by the sea-side just as much as we do!………….:))


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Skiathos (again)

We’ve been fortunate this year, we decided to go to Skiathos (our all time favourite destination) in June due to there being different photographic targets to our usual period of September.

Upon our return however we quickly thought how hard it would be to miss out on the opportunity to go in September too!……….

So having nearly doubled my working hours during July & August we enjoyed another half a month in the sun!…..:)

For a couple of years now we’ve hired transport on the island, thinking of the terrain when off the main road a little 4X4 was in order……….

Probably worth noting at this point are the people we hire this vehicle from, “1st Rent a Car

Odysseas George and Tonia have treated us like royalty from the first day we met, and when they say “you arrive as customers and leave as friends” they really do mean it. During our stay these friends have introduced us to many tavernas and others who have also now become such good friends it is becoming harder to leave…. I can feel another post coming on just for the characters!….:)

We thought a drive out to Mandraki would be nice (It was!…. red-hot, blue sky, top down!) and we parked right by the beach…… first pics of the holiday Sea Daffodil!.. (Sea Lilly, Sand Lilly or even Pancratium Maritimum)…………

Just note that sky!…. In fact this was the day whilst lazing on a sun bed Chrissy suddenly shot up with camera in hand because she’d seen a cloud!…….:)

There are dozens of beaches to visit in Skiathos all very different and therefore suiting different tastes, we tend to prefer somewhere quiet and have found on those days when we don’t need sand the rocky, pebbly beach at Kechria suits us perfectly!…….

(I was going to save this one for Skywatch but can’t resist it!)

That little Taverna on the left of that frame is very welcoming after a 12k drive (probably more so after a 12k walk!) Argiris and Stavrula run this little bar and if you want a beer, a snack or a meal it doesn’t seem to matter what time it is? nine in the morning or nine at night?…. We are friends here too now even to the point of Argiris borrowing camera lenses to try out for his new Nikon purchase, he really does need that 18 X 200 VR!…..:)

Behind this little Taverna is a fresh water stream that rises from a spring about 4k up the valley, being a haven for all sorts of wildlife Chrissy and I can never resist the temptation to take a walk either pre-beer or post-lunch……

Whoever described this as “A Magical Forest” sure got it right!……..

I’m busy right now working more and more hours, not just because Christmas is around the corner, but I do have our next half a month to pay for!…………:))


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