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Croft Castle Falconry

Trevor Hill strikes again!….. another superb day with two displays of birds of prey which is both entertaining and educational…… Below are a few of the hundred or so images that I took, but once again most of the birds evaded my best efforts to capture them on disc!………:(


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I’ll get the hang of this blog lark soon?… maybe?…….

Anyway, after a walk around the Castle we noted the market was in full swing, Chrissy likes a good market!….

Chrissy at the market

Then of course, a town with this much history will have some interesting architecture………

As Wallace would say…. “A grand day out!”…….

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After a week at work some relaxation with the camera was required, Chrissy suggested a day out in Ludlow, this wasn’t high on my “things to do” list, but as it turned out we had a good day… and sure did have a laugh or two!..:)

The Castle although well worn now is interesting and the light was really in our favour…..

Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

This one is an HDR shot in a effort to capture the true contrast!…..


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