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Maldives Sunrise, Skywatch Series 5 Episode 19

Finding myself traveling both to and from work in the dark has meant I haven’t been able to capture much sky of late!…….:(
However I have overdosed on the archives again to the point whereby I feel the need to share!…..

Have a good weekend….. check out great Sky pics at Skywatch Friday…….


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Something a little different for me, a night sky!…… Another holiday view though as I’ve had little time again this week to capture a local pic!….:(

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Skywatch Friday

With the lack of suitable subjects locally, i’m restricted to holiday pictures, however this is one of my personal favourites!…..

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Due to the current cold spell, I thought another warm sunrise would be in order!….. I feel warmer just thinking about this shot!…:-)

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A sunrise for a change, I do love a good sunset, but when presented with a view like this you just can’t turn it down!…..:-)

Just on the off chance that my absence from Skywatch was noted last week, It’s due to being involved in a road accident!…. Bit of a mess, but we’re both recovering slowly!…….

Normal service should be resumed soon!…..:)

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White Stuff

Ok, maybe not what you expected, but I’ve had just about enough snow for this year!…….

I thought I’d take a look through the 2009 holiday folder to see if I could cheer myself up!… it worked so well I couldn’t help thinking it’d be rude not to share a little sunshine!……… 🙂

SO here is some very white sand!……

And even some wildlife on that very white sand……..

Memories of a wonderfull time, should you like to see a few more let me know?………

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