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Long Lane Moto X

We were once again invited to a Moto X event on Sunday, this time at Newport Moto X Club at Long Lane near Telford an AMCA track……….

The first racing this season for most and although the track and weather were as near perfect as you can expect most found it quite heavy going after the time off over Xmas etc………

Happy week everybody!…..:)

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Skywatch Friday

Ok so there I was taking pics of puffy white clouds and a little blue peaking through then from nowhere comes this fella!…….. Is nowhere sacred?……:)

I was wondering if I should tag this as “wildlife”?……:))

For really good Sky pictures from around the world please click here…………


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Worfield Moto X Club

Once again we were invited to Hazeley Grange Farm to witness one of the craziest ways to spend your weekend!……. Moto X riders must be loopy or maybe totally immune to pain!….. However from a visitors point of view it is an exciting event to witness!

Worfield Moto X club made us very welcome and even gave us room at the side of the track to take as many pics as we wanted!…. maybe we shouldn’t have got THAT close?…..:)

As you can see, no fear!…..:)

If you wish to see any more of these pics I’ve posted most of the best of the day here…………

& Chrissy has also posted some more on her blog too……..


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Moto X

Another foray into the unknown for Chrissy and I today, Motocross is a sport that I haven’t been involved in for a period of 20 years or so, But a colleague of mine is heavily into throwing motorcycles around farmers fields and so as a photo opportunity this wasn’t to be turned down!…….

I have to say that the Worfield Motocross Club (affiliated to the AMCA)made us feel very welcome, the atmosphere is superb, lots of competition, but also loads of humour in evidence too!……..:)

The following photos give a feel for the scene…………

(most of these are worth a click to see full size!…..)

And due to the fact that Chrissy was there I guess she will be posting a pic or too as well!….. you can find them here…….


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