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Dudmaston Hall Snowdrop Walk 2 – 2012

Having visited Dudmaston last week and seeing the Snowdrops promising a good show, we decided to visit again this week………

The improving weather had brought them on and were just about showing at their best!……

However, last week we’d spoken to another local photographer and she’d metioned the stream below the old mill pond so a slight diversion was in order!…. Chrissy was off through the weeds and the brambles!….. Well worth the effort as it turned out though, because in small clearing by the stream was a carpet of the best Snowdrops we’d ever seen!…….:)

(any of these pics are worth a click to see full size……)

I can’t imagine I’ll better these pics this year, so I reckon that’s the Snowdrops for another 12 months!…… Blue Bells next?……

Happy Monday!……:-)


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Dudmaston Hall Snowdrop Walk

As we generally do at this time of year we went to Dudmaston for the first of their Snowdrop walks…… To be honest it was more of a walk than a photography session, but due to recent weather we haven’t been out for a while and it was good (but very cold) to be out in the sun again!…….
Also due to the weather the poor Snowdrops have been real confused, the mild conditions of early winter has seen them pop up sooner than they normally would but freezing conditions of late have done them no good at all!………..:((


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