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Misty Sunrise in Bridgnorth

I guess it must be that time of year!….. Misty mornings!……:)

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and have seen little at home or in the surrounding area other than during driving to work, there have been some spectacular sunrises but I’ve had no time to spend walking around our little town to take snaps………

When Chrissy suggested we get up at half past six on the only day off for over a week I didn’t think it was the best idea she’d ever had!……..;))

However, as the following shows it really was worth the effort even though it was damp, and it was cold too!…….

In no particular order these pics were taken from “The Castle Walk”…. some looking south, some looking east towards the early sun, and some looking north (up river and heavy mist!…) or from on and around the Old Bridge………….

Have a good weekend!……… (I’ll be at work again!……:( … )


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Misty Mornings

This week has seen me unexpectedly busy, I would like to thank whoever is responsible for me being “Freshly Pressed” and of course all those who have visited and indeed commented, however, this has left me wanting to reply to more than ten times the number of bloggers that I normally respond to and I therefore offer no apology for the following series of pics that I have pulled out of the archive to save time!……..

Quite apart from the above reason I do actually love misty morning pictures and have been unable to capture any recently due to our poor cloudy conditions!…….

(the last two are HDR & worth a click to see full size!)

Have a Happy Weekend!………:)


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Maldives Sunrise, Skywatch Series 5 Episode 19

Finding myself traveling both to and from work in the dark has meant I haven’t been able to capture much sky of late!…….:(
However I have overdosed on the archives again to the point whereby I feel the need to share!…..

Have a good weekend….. check out great Sky pics at Skywatch Friday…….


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Skywatch Friday Series 5 Week 13

Well and truly back home from holiday, but pleased to find last week we were subject to a heat wave!…….. very nice for early morning sun pics just peaking over the horizon and filtering through that low (very low) cloud!….. I love these shots but rarely have the chance to catch them on my way to work… These were taken over a period of 45 minutes and about 25 miles!…..:)

For brilliant SKy pics from around the world please click here…………..


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Sky Watch

The weather has improved for us a little and one advantage of rain is that if it rains over night then warms up shortly after sunrise, we get very nice misty scenes, one such morning last week saw me trundling round our little town of Bridgnorth at six in the morning catching the last of a misty sunrise!…………:)

For dozens of wonderful Sky Images please click here………….


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Misty Morning Sunrise

With the weather here giving us rain and more rain I find myself confined to the computer desk!……:( Having said that it does give me time to revisit some of the shots that I’ve taken but not made the best of, this one I always liked, it was going to be a keeper from the moment I took it, but was never REALLY happy with the dark foreground, a little time spent has turned it into one I might feel the need to print!………:)

…….and with our bank holiday all but over, it’s back to the grindstone ’till next weekend, hope the weather improves!…..:0

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Skywatch Friday

A week or so back now I was up and about a little earlier than usual, lucky me!…….. wonderful sunrise and a little mist thrown in too!……. I was late for work as it happens but worth every minute!…..:)

For inspirational pics from around th world click here……..


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