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Hope the wait was worth it?….;)

It’s been another of those months, all work and very little play, very little decent weather too which has really slowed down the rate of shutter actuations!…….:(

The new camera appears to be working a treat however and with a few thousand shots taken I think I have a handle on it too!…….

Chrissy wanted to take a trip out to Haughmond hill over the weekend and It really is a good spot for bluebells, we did find some good scenes but with Flicker slowing down again I just haven’t had time to waste waiting for the larger files to load!….:(  Here then we have the first of my butterfly pics this year (also from Haughmond)

Green Veined White

Orange Tip

……..after leaving Haughmond we popped into Attingham Park to catch up due to not visiting for quite a while now….. saw this scene on the River and couldn’t resist a shot or two!……

……….an old frame this from Cannock Chase, a Yellow Hammer…. wow has it been that long since I posted in here?….:(

………….and Goodnight from me!………………:-)


Have a great weekend, if you’re in the UK have a great Bank Holiday!………….


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It’s Autumn again!……….

It Is deffinately autumn again!…….. we decided today to take a walk down at Dudmaston Woods, We’d been watching the colour of the trees changing for a week or two, but now is the time to take those pics of wonderful colours!…. I have to admit that I am not a fan of autumn, but this is only because it it is the onset of winter!…..:)


Swan @ Dudmaston

The Pool @ Dudmaston



I have to admit now that this is somewhat a test!…… all these images have been linked to my new account at Flicker in an effort to be able to maintain this blog without paying a fortune to upload decent image files, if it works out then I’ll be around a while longer!…….:)

Have yourselves a good weekend, and I guess “HAPPY HALOWEEN”……..:0

P.S. I’ve taken a peek at the preview and I reckon the only difference is that you can’t click to see the full size image, with this page getting about 4 clicks a week I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem!…….LOL


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A walk in Pound Wood………..

Pound Wood, Wyre Forest.

We live quite close to what is left of the Wyre Forest and because it is a haven to all sorts of wildlife (and trees LOL) it has become a magnet for us at various times of the year as different species emerge!…..

I find it hard to ignore water be it a babbling brook or a raging sea!…….;)

Damselflies dart about or bask in the sunshine………..

Broad Bodied Chasers?….. keeping an eye open for the next meal….

Skippers flit around but if you keep still a while they will settle and pose for you………

an exciting spot!… a Golden Ringed, the first we’ve seen in the UK!….;)

another broad bodied, an elderly female I think!…..

Chrissy spotted this Hawker in perfect light, but how effective is that camouflage?…….

Gate Keeper, cute name, cute looker too!……;)

WordPress are telling me that I am running out of space and are asking if I’d like to buy a space upgrade, this will likely result in me giving up this blog sometime soon and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have posted comments and “liked” my posts/pics, you really have made it a worthwhile experience!……. X


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Holiday Time

Ok, I know you’ve seen Skiathos here before but this is my blog and having visited yet again it’s time to celebrate two wonderful weeks with Chrissy sharing that great Greek hospitality!…….

A new beach for us this year, Elias, super sand, shallow waters & great food at the taverna…..

Alexandros, again something new for us, we haven’t been here before, different architecture but very striking and what a position!……:)

Vromollimnos, very nice beach when it’s quiet but does tend to get too busy for us!…..;)

A view across the Old Port in the evening, great area for people watching!…..

Just another view across Asselinos bay towards mainland Greece and “Pelion”….. (How Blue?….)

I really regret not taking some video of these gentle waves ‘wafting’ on to the beach!… I could sit there for days!……LOL

Another favourite taverna, Kastro beach, the sun is hot & the Mythos is cold, but don’t take too many pictures, we don’t want warm beer!…..;)

an “overview” of most of the west coast with the mainland way off in the mist……

…and our all time favourite, for the scenery, wildlife, characters, food and just peace here we have Keriha!……..

It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!…..:)

TBC……………. 😉


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A Walk in Pound Wood, Wyre Forest.

It’s been a while since I posted here, work has kept me busy and our weather hasn’t been too kind to photographers either!…..:)

Pound Wood in the Wyre Forest has been known for some time as a refuge for certain species of butterfly that aren’t all that common…….. we thought it about time we revisited…………

What an absolutely gorgeous day?…..:)

Fritillaries everywhere!…. but they don’t sit for long!…… we followed them around for a while then thought better of it and sat waiting for them to come to us!…….:)

Brimstones too were flitting around, they also rarely land for more than a couple of seconds, and when they do of course they do look exactly like the leaf they land on, there’s little hope of spotting these unless you see them land!……

and one of our favourites, not particularly impressive, but quite a rarity, the Wood White!

Happy weekend everyone, long may our dry, sunny spell continue!……..:))


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Misty Mornings

This week has seen me unexpectedly busy, I would like to thank whoever is responsible for me being “Freshly Pressed” and of course all those who have visited and indeed commented, however, this has left me wanting to reply to more than ten times the number of bloggers that I normally respond to and I therefore offer no apology for the following series of pics that I have pulled out of the archive to save time!……..

Quite apart from the above reason I do actually love misty morning pictures and have been unable to capture any recently due to our poor cloudy conditions!…….

(the last two are HDR & worth a click to see full size!)

Have a Happy Weekend!………:)


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A Walk by The River

Continuing on the theme of “tourists in our own town” we though it wise to stay close to home today ’cause we just knew it was going to rain……. just a wander down the river then?…….:)

Walk through chestnut Coppice and cross the old railway line……….

……and the river widens out just before reaching Bridgnorth, It’s quite shallow here and the level is a little lower than normal at the moment…. The mandarins don’t mind though, there are more important things to think about right now!……..

The Goosander wasn’t impressed with us though and being quite shy he left in a hurry…..

As we walked downstream, the cormorants arrived a little further up-stream!….

In all ten arrived, as we walked back towards them Chrissy though we’d better take a few shots while we could and although by this time It was raining we took it in turns to hold the brolly!….:)

Eventually we were right opposite the tree they had taken over and seemed happy to sit there all day, I can only assume they’d already eaten……….

After an hour or so we decided that we were cold enough to try a coffee with a drop of rum in it so made our way back, took the opportunity to snap a Buzzard too!…..:))

…….and spotted a reason to pop back here soon!…… Bluebell season is almost upon us and there are signs all around the coppice, should be a good show later in the month……..:)

Happy Easter…………..


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