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Nothing since May?………

As the title would suggest there’s been no action here since May!………:(

That’s not to say that the camera hasn’t seen some action though!……:)   I’m just thinking it’s time for a catch up, Due to this being “What Andy Sees” there will be few words and many pictures!……;)

I’ve been trying to improve my ‘in flight’ shots of late with a view to one day actually capturing a Dragonfly in flight, however it has achieved nothing other than capturing some decent bee shots…….

(Bet you never realised Bees cross their legs when they fly?….. I just cross my fingers!….)

Then in June we went on holiday, Skiathos again I’m afraid, so those of you who have been here before may wish to look away for the next few pics!….:)

The day we arrived we decided to take a trip around to the west & north of the island just to chill after the journey, we were a little surprised to have Mandraki to ourselves for the evening!…..

The following are a taste of some of the views available……..
Ag Alexandros

Ligaries Beach

Kehria Beach

Kehria Taverna

Kehria Sunset


Evangelistria Monestry

Sailing from Skiathos New Port

Back on the flying theme, Swallows and Swifts were regularly flying over our accommodation feeding and dipping the pool…….

Upon our return to normality (work etc.) we noticed that the “Flying Legends” air show was on and not having made the effort for a few years we decided to go and enjoy one of the best air shows of the year!……

Good job we did too!….. this was to be the last show from Stephen Grey of The Fighter Collection, a legend himself, he once again displayed the Bearcat with his customary style and vigour!….. just think he’s 75 this year!…..;)

How many shows can claim to have 12 Spitfires on display?…….:)

…and three P51 mustangs?………

..and a Corsair?…….

…and an Avenger!………

that’ll do, the hair is standing up on the back of my neck just looking through those again!…..LOL

However the following weekend was to be The RIAT Show at Fairford, I’d never been and Chrissy hadn’t been for years, the weather promised to be good, so there was no excuse!…….

The Red Arrows of course, but this was different, flying in formation with BA’s new Dreamliner……

Then the Dreamliner backed out of the rest of the display!………..

And Eurofighter Typhoon………

And F16……..

The following weekend was time for the Shrewsbury Flower Show, noted for it’s impressive Firework Display at the end of both days….. they didn’t disappoint!……;)

That just about wraps it up, we’re now bang up to date with these Heron shots from Venus Pool last week, I’ve done a couple of weeks of night shifts due to there being loads of shut down repairs to be finished, so I did have the opportunity to have a an hour or so during the days………..;)

He leaps into the air and grabs great wings full of lift, note the amount of water also in the air!….

The next beat….

…….and the next, there’s still drops of water airborne!…..

Landing………. that looks like hard work!…..;)

Have a good week…… Health & Happiness to anyone who’s managed to get this far!…………..:)


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Venus Pool

With the weather failing us yet again for the weekend, we decided to play it safe and visit somewhere that we would be able to avoid the rain and wind if required!……

Venus Pool seemed like the obvious choice, open area, pools and hides to ‘er hide in!……:)

It turned into a good day for practicing swinging a big lens around for a change, no more groveling on the floor trying to capture flowers!…..:))

Happy Sunday!…….:)


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A New Lens……….

Approaching Christmas I often treat myself to a little something that I’ve had my eye on for a while and this year is no different, I recently purchased an external flash in an effort to improve indoor pics and am surprised at the results, however just last week I really gave into temptation and bought the lens that I have drooled over for some time….. today was the first day out with it and although the sky was overcast and therefore the light was far from ideal I can tell that this lens is going to give me some cracking pics!……….. Below are just a taste (ISO 800/1250) when the light improves I’ll be out there snapping!…….:)

Now with it being time I should be a little drunk I wish anyone who is reading here a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2012………… Thank you for your support!…….:-)

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Venus Pool Re-Visited

Another lens test session to be honest, but we do like the odd visit to Venus Pool for the sheer variety of photo targets!…… The first two are from a hide overlooking several feeders that encourage a lot of local bird life but mainly garden species, however there is always the chance of a woodpecker popping in!…..

Then of course if there’s peanuts around you’re sure to see one of these too!………

Another hide on the same site overlooks the pools and islands, fantastic scenery and vast array of water birds!…..

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Venus Pool

We visited Venus Pool again today due to reports that an Osprey had been popping in for lunch for that past few days, unfortunately it wasn’t to be seen today and we had to make do with a landing display from the local Swan!…. not to say that this wasn’t impressive, but it would have been good to see something a little different!….:)

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Venus Pool Nature Reserve

With the weather dryer today and a little brighter the cameras went to Venus Pool, and as a change to just bird pictures the Daffodils were out in force, Spring has Sprung!……:)

Then again, we couldn’t leave without spending a while in the hide. The Greenfinches were their still displaying their flying skills and voracious appetite too!….:)

Also dining out today was this Spotted Woodpecker, first one we’ve seen this year, the weather must be warming up!….:)

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Venus Pool

Since our road accident, Chrissy and I have not been as mobile as we would normally be, although spending time off work this has been disappointing due to missing a lot of photo opportunities.

However, Chrissy wanted to go see her parents over the weekend, this gave us a chance to check out the camera’s on the way back at Venus Pool.
Venus Pool is an old gravel pit situated near Shrewsbury in Shropshire, owned by the Shropshire Ornithological Society, home to a large variety of wildlife, and a wonderful opportunity to spot/photograph something a little different!…….

There are three hides available to the general public, one of which has loads of feeders which attract all sorts of birds, on saturday we were treated to a display from the Greenfinches i’ve never seen before, birds flying in from all directions and fighting for perches to feed from!…… the first two frames show the action although a little faster lens would have helped get sharper shots!…..;-(

From the same hide the Blue Tits were content to mind their own business on the nut feeder, one of my favourite subjects, but difficult to capture well due to the fact that they rarely stay still for long!…..:-)

The next three were from a different hide overlooking the pool, and the Gulls appear to be dive bombing each other too?……….

Then we spotted a pair of Great Crested Greebs, cute looking birds and not easy to capture (we’ve tried before, they dive and can swim for considerable distance before surfacing) but these were happy to pose for a few minutes, we were both chuffed!…..:)


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